A plugged sissy maid

Wow what a day yesterday as Mistress Adira required Her maid for a session at midday followed by cleaning duties! Mistress required me to be dressed in my black maid's uniform and black corset. "Taking it easy on My girl today" Mistress Adira joked. All i can say is Mistress that was the only easy thing about yesterday Mistress! After i was dressed Mistress Adira ordered me into Her dungeon where some words were ushered that sent shivers down my spine: "lower your panties down to your ankles girl and get down on your hands and knees" Mistress Adira stated in a stern voice! What was going to happen Mistress being exposed with bare buttocks Mistress? What a humiliating experience for a sissy Mistress having to expose my buttocks without panties Mistress but there was much more humiliation than that to come!

Mistress Adira has decided that it is about time i became a "plugged" sissy. Yes that is right, Mistress requires me to learn to wear a butt plug! i have read previously about how sissy maids need to be taught how to endure wearing a butt plug but thought it would never happen to this sissy Mistress! But happen it did Mistress and what a wonderful surprise it was Mistress! Mistress Adira tried a very small butt plug first which slipped straight in. i was feeling very relaxed and happy as Mistress tried a slightly bigger butt plug! Not quite as comfortable but still exciting as Mistress Adira continued to insert butt plug after butt plug trying to work out where my starting point was! i was amazed when Mistress Adira showed me just how big the butt plugs She had been inserting... much bigger than i ever imagined possible Mistress. i was a very happy girl as Mistress removed the butt plug and i was to commence some work!

Mistress Adira enjoys my Transgression Book (and so do i Mistress) and Mistress conducted a test - how well i make a cup of coffee according to my sissy maid rules! i thought i had made it perfectly but Mistress Adira had been watching intently from afar and i was awarded 1 transgression point for filling the coffee plunger with excess water. A small mistake but none the less a mistake by me and i now had 4 transgression points... 8 more till my first punishment! i was going to have to be a very good maid for the rest of the day Mistress otherwise my first sissy maid punishment may happen before i know it Mistress!

After completing my coffee making test Mistress Adira required some towels to be folded and then to my complete surprise, i was ordered back into the dungeon! Mistress Adira was pleased with how i had accepted Her array of butt plugs earlier that She was going to reward me with the privilege of having another butt plug inserted and once again i was feeling totally humiliated standing with my panties down around my ankles. i have decided there is no worse a feeling for a maid Mistress than to have to stand with her panties down around her ankles... or is there Mistress?

Mistress Adira inserted Her Aneros as i was bent over the spanking horse. Mistress encouraged me to work my buttock muscles against the butt plug! The more i worked the butt plug the more aroused i became and soon with some added assistance from Mistress Adira's magic fingers, maid marian was having her very first ever mind blowing orgasm! my shrieks of delight were higher and higher as my orgasm became closer and closer. What a wonderful feeling Mistress!

After the excitement of my first orgasm there was no time to waste as Mistress Adira required Her maid for cleaning duties! Mistress suggested that i go from Her dungeon to Her house dressed in my maid's uniform - a thought that does not disturb as i am proud to wear my maid's uniform but i am sure it was a bit of a shock to the guys in the carport opposite as i appeared from behind the gate dressed in a maid's uniform! It was just after 2.00pm by the time W/we arrived at Mistress Adira's home and as i was already dressed i was set to work almost immediately.

Folding and collecting laundry was my first task - a big pile already waiting to be folded plus another big pile outside. It almost seems like there is always laundry for Your maid to do Mistress! Mistress Adira has decided that it is now time to learn where to put some of Her personal items. my folding of laundry skills are being expanded all the time Mistress which is pleasing Mistress that You consider i am ready to expand my skills in this area Mistress! After completing the folding of my laundry Mistress Adira decided to attack an ever growing pile of clothes in the corner of Her room and soon there was another pile of clothes to fold and put away. A maid's work is never done Mistress!

Mistress Adira was smiling with each task today. Did Mistress Adira have some "special" tasks for me to do? Only time would tell as i set about washing the dishes! i completed washing the dishes and then Mistress announced Her "special" task by handing me a toothbrush and explaining that i was to scrub all the stains from the laundry and kitchen floor with the toothbrush! i nearly came in my panties again Mistress i was that excited Mistress. Using a toothbrush to do some scrubbing is such a wonderful task for a sissy maid Mistress! With a huge smile on my face i slid down onto my hands and knees where i remained for the next 45 minutes scrubbing the laundry and kitchen floor with a toothbrush! i was surprised just how long it took to scrub the kitchen floor i thought that would be a breeze compared to the laundry Mistress but i was wrong, very wrong Mistress, the kitchen was a most difficult and laborious task Mistress!

After such an intense afternoon i was beginning to feel tired but sissy maids do not get tired, they just find adrenalin from somewhere and i was back scrubbing the rubbish tin lid this time followed by the side of the oven! As i was in the scrubbing mood Mistress Adira joked that the bathroom would be next: "Towel rack holders need scrubbing as well as the hand basin and the mirror." What a fantastic day this was turning out to be for Your sissy maid Mistress! Having had to clean the towel rack holders once before i knew how to dismantle them to make cleaning easy and soon the bathroom was spotless. Pity i could not say that about my feet Mistress, they were in pain Mistress. Damn those 4" heels Mistress!

Sore feet or not Mistress Adira had two more tasks for me to do and both involved no rest for my aching feet - replacing the cockroach baits and then vacuuming! i had 24 cockroach baits to find and replace, some in very awkward out of the way spots. Lucky i was not wearing my white corset Mistress, things would have been a lot more difficult if i was wearing that corset Mistress! Cockroach baits were done, now it was vacuuming! Somehow i managed to keep my feet moving with one painful step after the other Mistress. my feet were now on fire Mistress and i was almost at the end of my tether Mistress when just after 5.15pm, Mistress Adira announced i was dismissed for the day! What a most thrilling and exciting day and feeling so exhausted by the end of the day Mistress, a day that i had devoted all the effort i could Mistress!

The good news was somehow i managed to incur no more transgression points so i am still sitting on only 4 transgression points after 2 weeks Mistress. A surprisingly good effort by Your maid Mistress as i was sure i would have accumulated 12 points rather quickly Mistress! i am looking forward to my butt plug training as a sissy maid and wonder what other wicked things sissies get to enjoy Mistress!


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